The spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me; he has sent me to bring good news to the oppressed,to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim Liberty to the captives, and release to the prisoners;… Isaiah 61:1 NRSV El Espíritu del Señor omnipotente está sobre mí, por cuanto me ha ungido para anunciar buenas nuevas a los pobres. Me ha enviado a sanar los corazones heridos, a proclamar liberación a los cautivos y libertad a los prisioneros,…Isaías 61:1 NVI

Time of Lamentations

Lamentations Image

The Word of the  Lord’s Says

When the Nation of Israel and its People Sin Again God  

The Prophet Jeremiah Lamented for the Nation (Holy Bible The Lamentations 1:1;12-22 NLT)

Jerusalem, once so full of people, is now deserted. She who was once great among the nations
now sits alone like a widow. Once the queen of all the earth, she is now a slave.

“Does it mean nothing to you, all you who pass by?   Look around and see if there is any suffering like mine,
which the Lord brought on me when he erupted in fierce anger.

13 “He has sent fire from heaven that burns in my bones.    He has placed a trap in my path and turned me back.
He has left me devastated, racked with sickness all day long.

14 “He wove my sins into ropes   to hitch me to a yoke of captivity.  The Lord sapped my strength and turned me over to my enemies;  I am helpless in their hands.

15 “The Lord has treated my mighty men   with contempt.  At his command a great army has come  to crush my young warriors.   The Lord has trampled his beloved city  like grapes are trampled in a winepress.

16 “For all these things I weep;  tears flow down my cheeks. No one is here to comfort me;  any who might encourage me are far away.  My children have no future,  for the enemy has conquered us.”

17 Jerusalem reaches out for help,  but no one comforts her.  Regarding his people Israel,  the Lord has said,
“Let their neighbors be their enemies!  Let them be thrown away like a filthy rag!”

18 “The Lord is right,” Jerusalem says, “for I rebelled against him.  Listen, people everywhere; look upon my anguish and despair,  for my sons and daughters  have been taken captive to distant lands.

19 “I begged my allies for help,  but they betrayed me.  My priests and leaders starved to death in the city, even as they searched for food to save their lives.

20 Lord, see my anguish!  My heart is broken  and my soul despairs, for I have rebelled against you.
In the streets the sword kills, and at home there is only death.

21 “Others heard my groans,    but no one turned to comfort me. When my enemies heard about my troubles,
    they were happy to see what you had done.  Oh, bring the day you promised,    when they will suffer as I have suffered.

22 “Look at all their evil deeds, Lord.  Punish them,  as you have punished me  for all my sins.
My groans are many,  and I am sick at heart.”

The Lord Jesus Christ is King and Lord in Heaven and on Earth!  God is Love  1John 4:16

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